About Us

The prototype of Excelsior was put through its paces being played by Jonathan Hodgetts with Friary Guildford Band in the Championship section at Butlins 2015, with the band being awarded "BEST BASS SECTION"


Wessex Tubas was started by British tuba player, Jonathan Hodgetts in 2010 after marrying a beautiful Chinese woman, Mei. He saw the potential to get brass instruments made in China of a quality not seen before, while at prices normal musicians can afford to bring the pleasure of making music and owning an instrument to many more people.

Starting small, after one year Wessex Tubas had grown enough for Jonathan to give up his previous consultancy job to dedicate to his passion and a year later a distribution centre in USA was started, run by good friend and another enthusiastic tuba player, Andy Loree in Michigan.

Starting with standard designs already made in China, Wessex soon started to customise and improve in playing and material beyond offered by other companies. Also new models unique to Wessex are being designed and great brass instruments from the past resurrected such as the small tornistertuba and ophicleide.

Wessex range is now unprecedented in variety and growing to supply whatever the brass musician requires. Chip Hoehler has joined the Wessex team as trombone consultant and although starting with just tubas, Wessex now makes the whole range of brass and has even started selling woodwind.

The involvement of Mei means Wessex relationship with the Chinese factory is unique and exceptionally close, working together to produce the very best instruments at the most reasonable prices. That close relationship also means we can guarantee the good working conditions of all those making. In fact many of the factory workforce have become good friends during our quarterly visits.

The pursuit for quality by Wessex is such that every single instrument, even the cheapest student trumpet is carefully checked and play tested by Jonathan, or one of the Wessex team from UK or USA at the factory before each shipment to ensure they are good enough for even the most demanding musician. Anything below standard is sent back to production to be corrected, or the instrument remanufactured. Once approved a signed quality tag is attached and nothing is allowed to leave factory engrave Wessex without. No other company takes such great care of quality. If any problems are found, Wessex works with production to ensure no future reoccurrence. Jonathan says “I will not accept any instrument I would not be happy owning and playing myself in concert. We want every Wessex to give a lifetimes pleasure”. To back this up, Wessex gives a 3-year warranty on every instrument sold against manufacturing defect – and has two week return for full refund policy to ensure satisfaction.

Wessex in late 2014 opened a new warehouse, workshop, offices and showroom in Andover, Hampshire and from there ships all over the world – we have sent to countries including Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Falkland Islands.

Wessex now has several professional artists and the beautiful quality and great playing of our brass, particularly for the price surprises satisfied customers everywhere. If you are buying, be it as a complete beginner, or established professional, then you really should check out Wessex before you buy! And remember even if it looks rather like an instrument sold elsewhere, the Wessex really will be better through the much greater attention to detail and materials.

Wessex is brass from musicians that really care and have a passion for music.