Contrabass trombone in BBb

Lacquer, or Silver-plated $2,350

BBb Contrabass trombone


We are pleased to add a BBb contrabass trombone to the Wessex range. This is pitched one octave below a bass trombone, but due to having double slide, ‘normal’ slide positions can be used with no greater reach.

Pitch: BBb/FF
Bell: 236mm in gold brass
Bore: 14 to 15.6mm
Slides: Nickel
Mouthpiece: Tuba size
Model: SL-741

BBb contrabass trombone BBb contrabass trombone BBb contrabass trombone BBb contrabass trombone BBb contrabass trombone

BBb741-1 BBb741-2 BBb741-3

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2 Responses to Contrabass trombone in BBb

  1. Spencer Marchant says:

    I got this contrabass in a few months ago, and let me say it is absolutely gorgeous. From the moment I took it out of the box, I was in love. Wessex too extra care to wrap and pad is well so the horn arrived in the US in perfect condition. After I unwrapped it, I held the horn and it just feels right. It is well weighted and balanced and holding just feels powerful. The trigger works perfectly, and the slide is as smooth as can be!

    When I started playing the horn, played beautifully. With a little practice, I had a working range of Bb3-Bb0. Its tone is the beautiful foggy tone characteristic of a contrabass, and the horn responds well in all registers.

    For mouthpieces, I use the Wessex 1CB that came with the horn, but a large shank trombone mouthpiece fits perfectly, and I can fit in a tuba mouthpiece, so you have a lot of options. Personally I feel the mouthpiece provided works very well with the horn.

    All around, I recommend this horn to both casual players and professionals. The contrabass trombone is a difficult beast to tame, but for those willing to put in the effort, this is a truly exceptional horn to do it on. I look forward to continuing to improve my abilities on contrabass, as well doing business with Wessex again. Wessex customer service was very good, replied promptly, and quickly resolved all my issues.

    Spencer Marchant
    Bass and Contrabass Trombonist

  2. John Lingesjo says:

    I got this BBb contra bass trombone a couple of days ago. Very curious because I have heard so much talk and horror stories about the unplayability of BBb trombones.

    Unpacked the instrument, that was well taken care of for transportation with suspension of the bell etc. Put it together and started playing. It worked very well. Great intonation, fairly easy too play but a bit tricky in the higher register. Now after a couple of days when learned a little more of how it reacts, it is easier to play in all registers. It works fine from the lowest sub-contra octave and up. Effectively it works to play about three octaves and some more without too much efforts. But of course the right element for this instrument is down in the lower registers as a foundation amongst the trombones.

    There are a lot of options when choosing a mouthpiece because the hand slide accepts tuba shank. But as it does not contain a lead pipe you have the option to put in some press fit large bore trombone lead pipe and then also have access to a lot of trombone mouthpieces. With all these options the instrument is very flexible and can sound from like a slide tuba to a large trombone.

    It should be said that this instrument is a speciality instrument that is not as easy to play as a smaller instrument. It needs some work to play, and hold because it weights more than a smaller trombone. However, the balance is fine and it feels almost as a smaller instrument to hold. Because of the double slide, the positions are also the same as an ordinary Bb trombone but it sounds an octave lower. This big instrument is a member of the trombone family and I think it is worth the efforts to work with because it is lots of fun to play.

    After playing Chinese made instruments for many years I have noticed progress in workmanship and this particular instrument is very well made. The finish is top class, the tuning slides, that on certain instruments over the years have not worked so well, is perfectly aligned. One nice detail is the adjustment screw in the valve cap, a thing that all rotary valve instruments should be equipped with. The valve works well and the instrument sounds fine both on the open horn and with the F valve engaged.

    All in all I think this fine BBb contrabass trombone is a nice alternative for those that wants to play a special instrument that not everyone else does.

    John Lingesjo
    Bass Trombonist, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

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