Flugabone (Marching trombone)

Lacquer $635
Silver $745

(shipping $60 to anywhere in Continental USA – discounts for quantity order)

The Wessex Flugabone is the perfect instrument for euphonium/baritone players to cover trombone parts and is a nice handy instrument for marching band. Although may look rather like a large cornet, this really does have a trombone like tone.

Bore: 12.4mm
Bell: 215mm
Leadpipe: Goldbrass
Valves: Stainless steel top sprung
Tuning slides: nickel

Mouthpiece: 12C with small trombone/baritone shank
Weight: 1.8kg
Case: Foambody with Wessex Wyvern logo
Model: MS-090

Call Andy on 616-843-6888 or email Sales@Wessex-Tubas.com today with enquiries, or to order.


Flugabone valves

Flugabone valves


Flugabone valves

Flugabone top action stainless steel valve


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