Ophicleide  – 1C11

C Ophicleide

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Wessex Tubas are delighted to make available a C ophicleide at reasonable price which will make using the correct instrument in much 19th century music possible for a lot more tuba and trombone players.

The C ophicleide has a distinctive lighter tone than the Bb ophicleide. In the 19th century these were mostly used in orchestra.

Please note the instrument illustrated is unpolished prototype

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Product Description

Key: C
11 key
Weight 3.6kg (7.9lb)
Height: 106cm (41″)
Bell diameter 205mm (8″)
Pitch: Variable from A=425 to 450 (key spacing for A=440)
Supplied with hard case, custom mouthpiece and Tutor book by Tony George

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