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PB4501 ‘Hoehler Premier Range’ Tenor Trombone, 0.500″ bore


Closely based on legendary small bore trombones of the past, the PB4501 we believe is one of the best small bore trombones you can buy for any price.

This is the perfect Jazz trombone!

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Product Description


  • Key: Bb
  • Bell diameter: 7 ¾” (198mm)
  • Bore 12.7mm (0.500″)
  • Slide: 241g
  • Nickel main slide (inner and outer) with brass bows
  • Foambody Case
  • Mouthpiece: Wessex 6¾C gold plated


✔  Rose Brass bell
✔  Lightweight Nickel slides
✔  Concealed slide lock
✔  Curved hand brace


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