TE495 Danube – 1

TE495 Eb Rotary Tuba ‘Danube’


The new Wessex Danube rotary Eb tuba provides the characteristics of an F tuba making ideal for orchestral use, while having full low register to provide bass in band.

The short action rotary valves make fast playing easy, while the one tone/step 5th valve allows for playing the whole range with good intonation.

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Bell: 16½” (420mm) of Gold Brass
Bore: 0.748″-0.827″ (19-21mm)
5 rotary valve (5th valve thumb operated providing flat tone/step)
Gold brass leadpipe
Nickel inner and outer slides
Height: 97cm (38″)

NEW!!! Available from June 2016 – taking orders now with 10% discount on pre-orders before 6th April

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TE495 Danube - 1

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