6/4 Eb Tuba ‘Tubby’ - TE665HP

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  • 6/4 Eb Tuba ‘Tubby’ - TE665HP
  • 6/4 Eb Tuba ‘Tubby’ - TE665HP
  • 6/4 Eb Tuba ‘Tubby’ - TE665HP
  • 6/4 Eb Tuba ‘Tubby’ - TE665HP
  • 6/4 Eb Tuba ‘Tubby’ - TE665HP
  • 6/4 Eb Tuba ‘Tubby’ - TE665HP
  • 6/4 Eb Tuba ‘Tubby’ - TE665HP
  • 6/4 Eb Tuba ‘Tubby’ - TE665HP
  • 6/4 Eb Tuba ‘Tubby’ - TE665HP

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Inspired by the once popular American ‘Monster Bass’ Eb tubas of the past, Wessex are delighted to introduce our new TE665HP ‘Tubby’ Eb tuba which has much improved intonation against those tubas of the past. This is a modern 5-valve tuba with ‘York’ sound. The ideal for those tubist who prefer playing Eb tuba, but want to produce a beautiful rich broad tone. This tuba can easily produce the sound of a 4/4 CC tuba, while has the agility of an Eb tuba.

The new TE665HP is all hand-made from sheet brass in Wessex high-grade workshop, so although big for an Eb tuba, is surprisingly light to carry.


  • Bell: 19” (480mm)
  • Bore: Valves 1 to 3 0.748” (19mm), 4th valve 0.79" (20mm), 5th valve 0.85” (21.5mm)
  • Weight: 18.8lb (8.53 kg)
  • Height of leadpipe from bottom bow - 610mm (25")

Special Features

  1. Nickel leadpipe
  2. Stainless steel vented valves
  3. Large valve buttons
  4. All nickel slides
  5. Nickel strengthening plates
  6. Hardened sheet-brass bell
  7. Wyvern engraved valve buttons
  8. Hand-Made High-Grade production
  9. Lightweight ABS latched case with robust wheels

Gig bag size: B210

Ordering an available gig bag, together with your instrument, will save you shipping costs!


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