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Previously the choice when buying brass instruments was between quality at a high price, buying a battered old one with worn out valves to save money, or a new poor quality one to get at anything like an affordable price.

NOW with Wessex Tubas you can buy quality and good playing new brass at prices you can afford!

“I am delighted to be playing a Wessex EEb Tuba. I find the response to be excellent and it has superb intonation across the range.”
Ian Foster, Birmingham Freelance Professional Tuba Soloist

Instruments good enough for professionals to use daily, while at a price suitable for a student.  You can buy an instrument which will last you years playing music – at typically a third of the price of leading brands. So save your money and do yourself a big favour – check out Wessex Tubas for brass (all the range of brass) before you buy. You will be delighted with your choice – we guarantee!

You can buy in confidence, as we will give full refund in the unlikely event you are unsatisfied and return within 2 weeks.  Furthermore we offer 3-year guarantee against manufacturing defects – which is much more than most leading brands.

All instruments are enhanced over standard factory products to make of a top standard and all are carefully checked before selling. Jonathan Hodgetts, owner of Wessex Tubas is an experienced tuba player and will not sell anything he would not be happy playing himself.

We supply worldwide with exceeding low shipping rates – so get a quote from Wessex, wherever you live. You will no doubt get better product than you can buy locally at anything like similar price.

So before you buy new brass, give Wessex a try – and potentially save yourself a lot of money!

Some favourites from the Wessex range -

BBb Luzern Tuba - from $2,100
Wessex 5/4 rotary BBb tuba
Euphonium - from $1,125  Wessex Euphonium
Rotary CC tuba - from $2,250 Wessex rotary CC tuba Contrabass Trombone from $2,250 Wessex Contrabass trombone in F


Visit us from 12 to 15. 3. 2014 at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, 4.1 C 08!


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