Bb Baritone Horn 3-valve compensated

Wessex baritone horn

Wessex baritone horn

Compensated baritone horn
Compensated pipes close up

Wessex baritone horn
view of Wessex baritone horn

Baritone in case
Baritone in case

Lacquer $750
Silver $850
(shipping $60 anywhere in continental USA) 

A very well made and nice playing 3-valve compensating baritone which will serve any band well. You will be amazed at the quality and how well this plays.

Bore: 13mm
Bell: 243mm
Stainless steel piston valves
Cupronickel tuning slides
Gold brass leadpipe
Lightweight foam case with handle and backpack straps

Call Andy on 616-843-6888 or
email today with enquiries, or to order.

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One Response to Bb Baritone Horn 3-valve compensated

  1. Richard Mascall says:

    As you know I wanted a compensating baritone horn that was a step-up from my non compensating Besson 700 in build quality and accuracy of pitch. The Wessex baritone horn certainly doesn’t disappoint. The build quality is remarkably good, and the pitch and tone are excellent. It is also less stuffy than the Besson when going for tall notes. I would describe the Wessex baritone horn as the sensible purchaser’s alternative to the much more expensive Besson Sovereign.

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