Wessex Tubas, Quality Brass at Affordable Prices

Previously the choice when buying brass instruments was between quality at a high price, buying a battered old one with worn out valves to save money, or a new poor quality one to get at anything like an affordable price.

NOW with Wessex Tubas you can buy quality and good playing new brass at prices you can afford!

Instruments good enough for professionals to use daily, while at a price suitable for a student. You can buy an instrument which will last you years playing music – at typically a third of the price of leading brands. So save your money and do yourself a big favour – check out Wessex Tubas for brass (all the range of brass) before you buy. You will be delighted with your choice – we guarantee!

Wessex Tubas

Buy with Confidence from Wessex Tubas

We are so confident you will be happy with your brass instrument that we will provide a full refund in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied and return within 2 weeks. We also offer a 3 year guarantee against manufacturing defects (much more than most leading brands).

Various payment options available

All Wessex Tubas and Brass instruments come with a 3-year, peace of mind warranty

You can buy in confidence, as we will give full refund in the unlikely event you are unsatisfied and return within 2 weeks. Furthermore we offer 3-year guarantee against manufacturing defects – which is much more than most leading brands.