Jesse Tucker at NAMM

We were delighted to exhibit at the recent NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Show in Anahiem, California.

A specialist trade show taking place just twice a year, NAMM gives musicians and music merchants across the world the opportunity to come together to share their knowledge & experience in the field, as well as exhibit their newest and most popular products.

Previewing our newest Wessex Tubas designs

For us, NAMM presented the ideal opportunity to preview a selection of brand new Wessex Tubas instruments, including the ER154 Travel Euphonium and a prototype of the upcoming 6/4 Grand BBb Tuba which was presented by its designer, Chuck Nickles (ex-US Army Band Europe)

We were blown away with the response we received; as everyone who sampled our newest products were truly astounded by the quality and refinement of our instruments; from the look and feel, to the sharp, gorgeous tones each instrument produced.

A Hollywood hit

During NAMM, we were accompanied by Wessex Tubas Artiste, professional Tuba player, and all-round talented individual Jesse Tucker, who provided us all with no-end of entertainment; making such an impression at the event, that he was accompanied for an impromptu jamming session with none other than renowned Animator, and Director of The Simpsons, David Silverman!

Why we love exhibiting

We had a wonderful time at NAMM; giving everyone attending the opportunity to experience our instruments personally, and getting to know everyone who visited us - from what they play, to exactly what they need from an instrument, and everything in between.

Here at Wessex Tubas, we love getting to know our customers, and sharing our knowledge with fellow musicians - ensuring we all get the best out of our instruments.

And that’s why we love exhibiting!

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