A very Merry Christmas from Jonathan, Mei, Andy and Chip at Wessex Tubas!
This last year has been an one of development at Wessex with introduction of the incredible Mighty Gnome CC travel tuba, the first readily available new Bb ophicleide for 100 years, tenor fanfare (herald) trumpet and range of sackbuts.
We have started new quality assurance with every batch of instruments being pre-checked and play tested before accepting at factory to raise Wessex quality standards further. Our aim is to provide instruments the quality of the top brands, while still maintaining reasonable prices, all backed up by 3 years warranty.
2014 has seen the company become even more international with some months export sales exceeding those in UK, or USA. New countries to which we have shipped have included Russia, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, South Korea, Poland, Czech Republic, Falkland Islands, Morocco and Mexico - while Australia has become a substantial market.
2015 promises to be an even more exciting year at Wessex tubas. In January we are moving the UK operation to new business premises with large warehouse, offices and nice new large showroom all under one roof in business unit with good access and plenty of customer parking. Wessex really will have come of age!
We expect to have the new showroom ready for visitors by February.
For customer that cannot visit, we are already booked to be exhibiting at Butlins Brass band Contest, US Army Tuba Conference, Yorkshire Brass Band Championships, National Brass Band Championships of North America, Eastern Trombone Conference (Washington DC), National Concert Band Festival (Manchester, UK) and Frankfurt Musikmesse (Germany).
You may be interested in a number of NEW instruments coming out from Wessex in 2015. These will include;
  • Compensated BBb tuba, Excelsior - a completely new design which is more compact, but with bigger tone than anything comparable on the market. Jonathan Hodgetts is picking up the prototype from factory beginning of January and not only will it be exhibited at Butlins the following week, but will be playing the new tuba in the contest with championship Friary Guildford band. It will then be taken to states for US Army conference and we expect to have available to try wherever Wessex exhibits during the year.
  • Compact compensated Eb tuba, Bombino which is little larger than a euphonium, but true Eb bass tuba. Will be ideal for younger or smaller players, those that don't want to carry large tuba, brass quintet and small ensemble.
  • Junior Eb tuba - a new 3-valve student tuba which will play better than what is currently available
  • Eb Sousaphone 28 - large 4 valve sousaphone suitable to operate 4th valve with right, or left hand
  • Forward facing bell BBb 5-rotary tuba XL - ideal for outdoor band gigs
  • Range of new trombones including Bass trombone, new Alto and new tenors all designed in collaboration with Chip Hoehler.
  • C ophicleide
  • Quinticlave (Eb alto ophicleide)
  • Large Bore Bb Trumpet
  • Cornet with large bore and triggers
  • Revolutionary new Z rotary valves on Luzern and Mahler tuba (and more) which will be silent in use, have accurate alignment every time and much easier to clean and maintain
  • And hopefully more that are still under development…
Thank you to all our customers for your support and wishing you a great musical New Year!
Very Best Wishes!
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