As we grow and develop our offerings to impassioned brass musicians across the world, demand for our instruments has also grown and, as a result, we have increased the amount of visits we make per year to the factory in China where our instruments are manufactured.

But what does this mean for our customers?

Recently, the team at Wessex Tubas has made the decision to start visiting the factory once every 4 to 6 weeks, rather than the previous once a quarter, not only to carry out our regular ‘Quality Assurance’ checks, but also to work on new designs, and continually improve the processes within the factory; all to ensure that each and every product that comes out of the factory under the Wessex Tubas brand is of the highest quality possible.

And, particularly now we have made the move to separate our Overture products from our Handcrafted Wessex instruments, we feel it’s more important than ever before to be increasingly present throughout the manufacturing process; available to support the wonderful team at the factory as they refine their work to best suit our needs.

Our Handcrafted instruments, particularly, are somewhat of a manufacturing innovation in China - with every instrument created under this label being built and assembled by one skilled craftsman, or craftswoman, who takes full ownership for the whole process - and our team wants to see this way of manufacturing reach its full potential.

Not only does the increase in our visits to the factory mean a greater quality of instruments being delivered to our customers, but it also means a quicker turnaround too!

Where previously, some customers may have waited a few months for their instruments - whilst we replenished our stock and carried out the necessary quality checks - now, we’re able to manufacture more instruments, much more frequently, so customers can get their new instrument that much quicker.

This is an exciting time for Wessex Tubas, as we continue on our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality instruments available at the most affordable prices.

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