Since the dawn of time, mankind has adored music; listening to it, playing it, and immersing ourselves within in.

Music is undeniably important to every single one of us, and so too is our ability to create it, not only in the skills we possess as musicians, but also the instruments we keep.

Purchasing a new instrument is so much more than simply an impulse buy; a spur of the moment decision based on your mood. Buying an instrument is a long term commitment, and whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, you need to know that the instrument you choose will stand the test of time.

To this end, a question I am often asked is: how long will my instrument last? So, let me tell you…

Life expectancy of Wessex Tubas’ brass instruments

Naturally, every instrument designed and created here at Wessex Tubas is made from brass; the same composite as the most expensive brands on the market today, which includes 70% copper. A durable material, brass has excellent corrosive resistance; meaning that your instrument has the potential to last 100 years!

Alongside this, our leadpipes are made of even less corrosive gold brass, which is 84% copper, our slides are made from nickel silver, and our valves are made of stainless steel or Monel - all for durability, easy of use and maintenance, and your peace of mind.

However, realistically, because your instrument also contains mechanical parts the life expectancy is reduced, as the parts will need replacing after some time. This is, of course very much expected from any brass instrument, and means the life expectancy of a Wessex Tuba instrument is a much more pragmatic 25 years, with regular maintenance.

Wessex Tubas 3 year warranty

Here at Wessex Tubas, I’m so very confident in the quality of the instruments we produce that I offer a 3 year warranty on all of our instruments.

This means that whatever you choose, you’re protected against factory defects for the first 3 years as an owner of a Wessex Tuba.

And to get quarter of a century out of one instrument? Well, we can all imagine the possibilities that length of time unlocks…

Talk to us about what you need or browse our items today, and start your journey to beautiful brass instruments at affordable prices.

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