Just how much does a tuba cost and how much should you be paying?

It’s no secret that music is an expensive passion - whether you’re a professional or a student musician. Although there’s no denying, of course, any expense is more than entirely worth it; music being one of the most rewarding and cathartic art forms available to us. But, within this, how much should you be paying for your instruments? Specifically, how much does a tuba cost?

How much does a tuba cost? 

To answer this question adequately, it’s important to acknowledge the typical price differences between student and professional tubas. 

As ‘starter’ tubas - generally smaller in stature with less facilities, such as number of valve - student tubas are less expensive, providing beginners and learners with affordable and accessible options that are specifically designed to be both easy and comfortable to play. 

As a result, student tubas tend to be sold for between $3500 and $5000 (£3000 - £4200 in today’s market). And, indeed, if you Google student tubas, these are the figures you’re likely to see first in your search.

However, it is possible to find student tubas for less - our BBb Junior Tuba ‘Imp’ (student) TB330 is offered for $1475 (£1220). 

Professional tubas, on the other hand, are typically sold for much more; being larger, heavier, and manufactured using higher quality brass for a superior sound. 

This means that the price point of professional tubas tends to be much higher, often reaching over $20,000 (£16,000). 

Although, the higher the price doesn’t always mean a higher quality, or better playing. 

For example, many of our tubas are manufactured in Wessex’s own workshop; handcrafted by some of China’s most talented and reputable brass instrument makers, AND quality assured by our discerning team before being sold to you, our customers. 

Our BBb 6/4 Tuba with 5-valves 'Prokofiev' TB693 HP is sold for $11,390 (£8,950) and is truly stunning in every way possible; an instrument of true quality and beauty. 

In short, tubas can be expensive, but affordable options are available that don’t see you compromising on quality or their performance. 

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