If you follow us on any of our social media platforms, you’ve probably already caught a glimpse of our newest addition to Wessex Tubas’ extensive range of brass instruments; namely, the forthcoming TF458 British F Tuba.

First produced in the late 1800s, only up until the 1960s, the British F Tuba is probably most well known for its place in Vaughan Williams’ 1953 Tuba Concerto, where the very first serious Tuba solo was heard - making Tuba history.

A particularly rare instrument, the British F Tuba was last made by Besson, before being discontinued in the late 1960s, and is perfectly suited to Orchestral pieces from almost any British composers, such as Elgar, Holst, Walton and of course, Vaughan Williams.

Popular with ex-military brass musicians, the British F Tuba is the ideal tuba for Euphonium players to transition to; John Powell, for example, recently commented that our British F Tuba is the first tuba he’s felt able to play!

More lyrical than most tubas, the British F’s response is much nearer to the Euphonium; playing easily in both the low and high registers with beautiful singing tone.

For President of Wessex Tubas, Jonathan Hodgetts, reintroducing the British F Tuba (with some innovative modern improvements!) to the market has been something of a dream come true, and a project that he has spent many months working to realise.

Thought to have been discontinued as early as 1963, after many years of searching for an original British F Tuba, Jonathan was lucky enough to chance upon probably the last one manufactured in 1967, which has spent the last 30 years on the Isle of Wight.

This beautiful instrument became the basis on which Wessex Tubas’ new British F Tuba was created; an historical recreation, the Wessex British F Tuba looks almost exactly like the original, but with improved intonation and response thanks to its lightweight construction from sheet brass and tweaks in tubing taper.

We are currently accepting pre-orders for the British F Tuba, which will be ready from October.

However, for anyone who simply can’t wait to hear this stunning instrument, the virtuoso Will Druiett will be playing the British F during Gravissimo Festival in Portugal at the end of August, where he will be giving a recital.

To pre-order your TF458 British F Tuba, please click here, or visit our online shop to browse our wide range of brass instruments.

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