Here at Wessex Tubas, we love showcasing our work at exhibitions.

A chance, not only to reveal our newest and most popular instruments to brass music enthusiasts the world over, but also to connect with other professionals in the industry, as well as provide opportunities for exhibition attendees to try out our instruments for themselves, exhibiting never fails to be a truly unique experience we all look forward to.

Wessex Tubas at Frankfurt Musikmesse

That’s why, we’re delighted to share with you the wonderful news that, from Tuesday 4th until Friday 5th April 2019, we will be joining hundreds of Europe’s leading brands from all corners of the music industry for Frankfurt Musikmesse.

Considered Europe’s largest trade fair for music professionals in production, education, media & marketing, manufacturing, and much more, Musikmesse provides musicians with a wealth of opportunities to network, attend conferences and workshops, and connect with others in this varied and diverse industry.

The ‘Kaiser’ and ‘Linz’ - a first for German audiences

Amongst other products, we’ll be revealing the BBb 6/4 Rotary Tuba ‘Kaiser’ and the Rotary 6-valve F Tuba ‘Linz’, just 2 of the new High-Grade products we are particularly proud of and both inspired by classic German brass.

Both brand new offerings in the Wessex Tubas repertoire, this will be the very first time German audiences will have the opportunity to see the ‘Kaiser’, and the ‘Linz’, first-hand and up close.

Join us at Frankfurt Musikmesse

Yes, Frankfurt Musikmesse is an exhibition the team here at Wessex Tubas are particularly excited to attend; packed full of events, and chances to connect with other music professionals, we hope you can join us as we use this opportunity to premier some of our most sought-after new instruments to the industry.

To browse our collection of exceptional quality, truly affordable instruments, visit our online shop.

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