You may be aware that, recently, we’ve been exhibiting a small selection of our newest products at some of the world’s most exclusive trade shows; namely, the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Show in California at the beginning of the year, and the United States Army Band Tuba-Euphonium Workshop at Fort Myer this month.

Exhibiting is always a very special experience for us here at Wessex, and something we thoroughly enjoy; meeting with, sharing our knowledge with, and learning from, fellow music-lovers all over the world.

Every show we attend is unique and, more often than not, incredible memories are made - Wessex Artiste Jesse Tucker playing with David Silverman at NAMM being a perfect example of this.

For us, the U.S Army Band Workshop at Fort Myer presented us with one of these very special moments memories are made from; as Chuck Nickles, until recently a member of the U.S Army Band, Europe, joined us to showcase our brand new 6/4 Grand BBb Tuba.

Collaborative working with professionals

A particularly exciting working relationship, Chuck has collaborated with us here at Wessex Tubas to design our biggest Tuba yet; the 6/4 Grand BBb Tuba, which will be available to order from summer 2017.

With Chuck, we wanted to create a modern BBb design that has best characteristics and tone of great American tubas of the past and the nimbleness the modern 6/4 CC Tubas.

We’re delighted to confirm that everyone who’s so-far tried the Grand - from our professional play testers to those who have attended the latest exhibitions - are blown away by the sound quality, look, and overall feel.

Our next exhibition with the new 6/4 Grand BBb Tuba

If you missed The NAMM Show or the United States Army Tuba-Euphonium Workshop, and you’d like to try the prototype of our 6/4 Grand BBb Tuba for yourself, we’re next exhibiting it at NABBA (North American Brass Band Association) Championships at Fort Wayne, Indiana in March.

For now, if you’d like more information about our extensive range of Tubas, please visit our online shop or contact us today.

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