Here at Wessex Tubas, we often talk about the exceptional quality of our products; from our most popular Dolce Euphonium, to our Tuba mouthpiece - we have the utmost confidence in everything we sell.

You may notice that, as part of the Wessex Tubas experience, all of our instruments come with a 3 year warranty against factory defects and, if in the unlikely event, you’re dissatisfied with your instrument, we’ll give you a full refund if you return it within 2 weeks.

But, you may be wondering, particularly as our range of products continues to grow, where does our unwavering confidence in every single one of our products come from? And how can we be sure that every instrument we deliver is of the highest quality?

The short answer to these questions is this: we hand-check every product we manufacture before we deliver it to your door…

Quality Assured

Two and a half years ago, we made the decision here at Wessex Tubas to personally inspect every instrument we manufacture, as it comes off the factory floor.

Whether it be our Founder Jonathan or one of our renowned Wessex Artistes, a member of our wonderful team of professionals spends a whole week every 3 months at the factory, conducting a quality assessment on all of our products; checking for any defects or potential issues relating to the look, feel and sound quality of instruments.

Hand-signed, sealed, and delivered to you

Each instrument is extensively play tested and, once it meets our exacting standards, is given the Wessex Tubas seal of approval, in the form of a personally signed quality tag.

Only when we’re satisfied that our instruments are as close to perfect as possibly can be, do we put our name to them…

And that, in essence, is why we’re so confident; creating beautiful brass instruments that professional musicians are proud to put our names to.

With Wessex, you get so much more than simply an instrument, you get peace of mind - and no-one can put a price on that.

To find out more about our range of quality assured products, browse our online shop or contact us today.

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