Pitched at the same range as the more common Bb Trumpet and just one octave above the Tenor Trombone, the Soprano Trombone is often referred to as the ‘Slide Trumpet’ and is most commonly used by jazz musicians thanks to it’s ease of use; particularly when transitioning between notes. But, what’s the best Soprano Trombone music available?

Soprano Trombone music

Whilst the Soprano Trombone isn’t really considered a historically popular or common brass instrument - its place in 17th Century classical music often disputed - the Soprano Trombone does have a prominent place in modern jazz music; made particularly popular by renowned musician and composer Wycliffe Gordon who, active since 1989, has astounded audiences for many years, both with his technical ability and the instrument’s stunning range.

So, with this in mind, what music would we recommend for this elusive instrument?

Pink Panther - created by Henry Mancini in 1963 for the iconic film ‘The Pink Panther’, this award-winning jazz pop hybrid is typically played on Alto or Tenor Saxophone but, probably due to its infectious beat, would sound just as good on any Trombone.

Hey Jude - whilst not the first piece that would jump to anyone’s mind when considering Soprano Trombone music, the mesmerising melody of this late 60s anthem sounds just as ‘at home’ on a Trombone as it would on any piano or guitar; proven by Caracas Trombone Quartet in their 2012 performance of The Beatles’ classic.

Swing That Music - another undisputed jazz classic, Louis Armstrong’s 1936 masterpiece, Swing That Music, was resurrected to perfection on the Soprano Trombone by the genius musician mentioned above, Wycliffe Gordon, during his 2015 performance on stage at CancerBlows.

What we can learn from Soprano Trombone music

Incredibly underrated, this versatile little instrument has the power to leave audiences speechless; singing so beautifully across its range, the Soprano Trombone is a must for any impassioned jazz brass musician.

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