As measures are being put in place to protect us during the pandemic and households all over the world are being urged to shelter, now is the perfect opportunity to learn a new instrument.

Although it will be frustrating to learn of gigs and events being cancelled over the next few months, sheltering provides us all with an opportunity to further hone our skills, rehearse new pieces and take up a new instrument; arming us with an even greater repertoire of talents for when sheltering comes to an end.

The benefits of learning a new instrument during shelter

Learn new pieces without having to transpose: it may be something you’ve already considered or even something you’ve already started but simply haven’t had time to complete; whilst you’re sheltering at home and arguably have a little more time on your hands than normal, now is a great time to learn your preferred instrument in a new key which, in turn, will allow you to master even more music. Learning to play an Eb Tuba when you’re used to a BBb Tuba, for example, will open up an entirely new musical world of choice and possibility without the rigmarole of transposing and risk stumbling in a performance situation.

Open up new opportunities: whether you’ve mastered the Tuba, the Euphonium or the Trombone, there will always be another brass instrument that inspires you or sparks your interest; one that you’ve always wanted to try but never felt like you had the time or the opportunity to learn, like the Euphonium if you’re a Tuba player, for example. But taking the time right now, during shelter, to learn that allusive new brass instrument will provide you with a wealth of opportunities in the future - from joining a new band to taking on a multitude of new performances.

A fun and valuable way to pass the time: learning a new instrument is both a fun and valuable use of your time in shelter; an effective way to keep your spirits high, as well as enabling you to keep your mind active, your creativity blossoming and impress your fellow band members and musicians when you see them again!

Of course, there’s no denying that these are challenging times and sheltering is frustrating, but there are positives that can come from this time at home; time that can be spent learning a valuable new skill.

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