A selection of tuba and trumpet duets 

Both the tuba and trumpet are two of the most popular instruments in the brass instrument family and, of course, undeniably iconic. So, when you put these two iconic instruments together, genuine music magic will naturally happen! 

As such, we’ve put together a brief selection of tuba and trumpet duets to truly inspire your creativity.

Tuba and trumpet duets

Canon in D: composed by Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706), Canon in D is an exceptionally atmospheric and emotional piece of classical music; a piece of music we all instinctively know - and hearing it performed as a duet between a Bb trumpet and a tuba will surely give any fortunate listener goosebumps. The lightness and intricacy of the trumpet against the calm, almost solemn, quality of the tuba makes for a truly gorgeous duet. 

Passacaglia Interruptus: created by Elizabeth Raum, Passacaglia Interruptus was specifically written for 6 trumpets and 2 tubas and is therefore considered most suitable for a ‘large ensemble’. A fantastic piece of music, Passacaglia Interruptus really highlights the capabilities of the humble trumpet.

Duo for trumpet and tuba: this lovely piece written by Erwin Chandler allows both the trumpet and tuba to sing - and showcase the players’ abilities - equally; a contemporary, energetic piece of music. 

Pastorale: composed by Eric Ewazen, Pastorale is considered a very fun piece to play and has been arranged for a variety of instruments, including trumpet, tuba and piano. 

In short, the tuba and the trumpet work incredibly well together; the tuba’s mellow sound perfectly complimenting the bright sound of the trumpet and there are so many composers who recognise and respect that - creating a huge range of duets for these two incredible brass instruments. 

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