We’re delighted to be part of Italian Brass Week, 9th - 16th July, where we’ll be exhibiting some of our finest brass instruments available to the market.

Exhibiting at shows such as this one not only give people the opportunity to experience our instruments first-hand; handling and play testing the instruments for themselves, but also the opportunity for us to talk to people about what we do - sharing our passion, our experience, and our stories with fellow impassioned brass musicians the world over.

Yes, we love being part of exhibitions and, Wessex Tubas are so excited to be on the road for the week that our founder Jonathan has decided to stay on and explore Europe for a little longer; travelling through some of the most beautiful towns & cities this wonderful continent has to offer, and meeting customers along the way.

Following 2 days at Italian Brass Week in Florence, Jonathan - accompanied by renowned, retired professional trombonist Chip Hoehler - plans to drive through Austria, to Germany where they are playing at a shooting festival, before stopping in Holland and Belgium on their way back.

Taking to the road means Jonathan & Chip can change and adapt their trip as they go - meeting customers, friends, business partners, and fellow musicians throughout their journey, and enjoying the sights along the way.

Jonathan & Chip will also be documenting their trip as they go - ensuring you’re kept up-to-date with the latest anecdotes & happenings from their electrifying journey through Europe, so do keep an eye on our blog and Facebook page for regular updates!

If you’re a passionate musician; part of a band, school, or you’re a solo artist looking for your next brass instrument and you’d like Jonathan & Chip to visit you during their European road trip, contact us today.

To browse our extensive range of high quality, affordable brass instruments, please visit our shop.

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