We’re delighted to share with you the wonderful news that, this week, Wessex Tubas is in Sweden!

Invited to this beautiful part of Europe by the one and only Jorgen Advall of the Swedish Naval Band, our Founder Jonathan Hodgetts will be attending a number of exclusive events with renowned musician Will Druiett, during what will surely be a busy, productive, and all-round enjoyable week.

This generous invitation comes after Jorgen became the proud owner of one of our TB693H Prokofiev Tubas; an instrument which forms part of our new range of High Grade products, lovingly created by the hands of our skilled craftsman.

Wessex Tubas with the Marinens Musikkar in Karlskrona

At 7pm 8th May, Jonathan will be joining the Navy’s Music Year in Karlskorna as over 30 naval musicians, including Jorgen himself, come together to perform an exclusive premier of Magnus Hylanders’ new concerto “Follow the Wind”, where Jorgen will play the part of Tuba Soloist.

In the hours preceding this widely anticipated performance, between 4.30 & 6pm, Wessex Tubas will also be exhibiting some of our newest and most popular instruments for impassioned musicians in the area to experience, play, and purchase.

Masterclass with Will Druiett at the Swedish Army Band House

Following what is sure to be an awe-inspiring performance in Karlskorna, Jonathan and Will are then set to move on to the Swedish Army Band House in Stockholm on 11th May, where Wessex Tubas will again have the invaluable opportunity to exhibit a range of our instruments.

That afternoon, as part of the exhibition, Will will be giving an extensive masterclass and recital to a number of brass musicians of all ages and abilities.

For anyone eager to come along, details of the event are as follows:

Första Bassängvägen 6


10:00 open up for professionals
12:00 open up for public
13:00 Will Druiett Recital

Wessex Tubas: a growing presence in Europe

This incredible trip to Sweden comes as Wessex Tubas looks to further enhance our presence in Europe; giving our European customers and potential customers even more chances to experience our exceptional quality, truly affordable instruments for yourselves - attending more events and showcasing our instruments for you all to try, personally.

For more information about any of the instruments mentioned here or to browse our full range of instruments, visit our online shop.

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