Joining a concert or marching band - either whilst at school or as a professional adult - is so much more than simply playing music, and can teach you all sorts of soft skills and valuable life lessons you can take, not just into your professional life, but your personal life, too. So, here we’ll explore what marching band teaches you.

What marching band teaches you

When exploring the concept of what marching band teaches you, there are so many valuable and transferable qualities being in a marching can provide you with, just a few of these are:

  • Confidence and self expression: being in a band, or finding any kind of musical outlet, dramatically increases your confidence and ability to express yourself; as a musician, you have to perform to large crowds of expectant spectators on a regular basis. What’s more, to truly master a piece of music, you have to connect with it on an emotional level, and use that emotion to inform your performance.

  • Discipline and a good work ethic: when you join a band, you make a commitment; to yourself, to your band members, and to your teachers to show up on time to rehearsals and performances, to always be there when they need you, to keep your uniform clean for every performance, and to maintain a great attitude even when you’re in a terrible mood. These are all the vital qualities of a valuable employee. Yes, marching bands teach you responsibility and how to act responsibly.

  • Working as part of a team: when playing in a band, you can never be selfish. You have to work with others to make sure the performance is as good as it possibly can be; ensuring your part fits in well with all others, helping your fellow band members out if they forget their part or drop something mid performance, and generally being a valued and valuable member of an important team.

  • Time management: running late to a rehearsal is never an option, and neither is running late to a performance! And if you don’t show up…? Well, you’ll be letting more than yourself down. Being in a marching band teaches you, not only a sense of responsibility, but also how to manage your time really well.

  • Whilst being in a band is a huge commitment to anyone, it’s also an incredibly important thing to do; teaching you all sorts of life lessons you can take into the professional world.

    What marching band teaches you is so much more than just how to play music - it teaches you how to be the best version of yourself you can be!

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