Here, we explore the question: why is brass used to make musical instruments?

Brass instruments have been produced and enjoyed by millions of people for hundreds of years; brass instruments and brass music are ingrained in so many cultures and celebrations across the world. But why is brass used to make musical instruments, specifically?

Why is brass used to make musical instruments? 

Brass is used to make musical instruments for a number of reasons, including: 

  • Brass is an alloy made up of copper and zinc and, unlike metals such as iron - for example - doesn’t rust quickly or easily. I.e. brass is less corrosive than other metals. Although this doesn’t mean that brass won’t tarnish, it does mean that it’s less likely to tarnish than other metals with proper & appropriate care. 
  • Brass is easier to manipulate and work with - it’s malleable - and therefore can be moulded and bent into the spaces necessary to create the sounds desired by the instruments manufactured.  
  • Brass is sonorous which means it is ideal for producing fantastic sound quality. 
  • And finally… brass looks beautiful! Let’s be honest, brass instruments look stunning and, of course, beauty comes with its own appeal. Who doesn’t love the look of a brass instrument? Brass gleams and catches the light in an alluring and interesting way which is simply a pleasure to behold. 

However, alongside all of the above, it’s also important to note that brass instruments are also often coated in either lacquer or silver-plate to minimise tarnishing and keep them looking good.

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