Bb Trumpet (student) – R30

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  • Bb Trumpet (student) – R30
  • Bb Trumpet (student) – R30
  • Bb Trumpet (student) – R30
  • Bb Trumpet (student) – R30

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Our popular student Bb Trumpet not only looks stunning but plays incredibly well for a beginner trumpet; the intonation and sound quality are considered high enough to satisfy even the most discerning of brass musicians - an exceptional trumpet for sale.

Sold complete with a hard wood case, this exceptional trumpet for beginners represents great value for money; sure to become the most beloved brass instrument in any budding musician’s collection.

A good beginner trumpet that’s both easy and comfortable to play, this Bb Trumpet not only comes with a robust case, but also a suitable trumpet mouthpiece.


  • Key: Bb
  • Bell: 4.92" (125mm)
  • Bore:  0.46" (11.66mm)

Special Features

  1. Cupronickel with nickel plated pistons
  2. Durable wooden hard case
  3. Mouthpiece

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