Venezuelan-born musician Igor Martinez discovered his passion for the humble Tuba at the age of 11; beginning his musical studies in the world-acclaimed social & orchestral program “El Sistema”, founded by Jose Antonio Abreu.

As a soloist, Martinez has performed a number high profile concerts across South America, including:

  • The Venezuelan premiere of the Frank Bencriscutto’s Tuba Concertino
  • The South American premiere of the tuba concerto ‘BANDSTERIX & TUBELIX for Tuba and Wind Band

For 6 years, Martinez was Principal and Solo Tuba of the Simon Bolivar Youth Symphony Band, where he was fortunate enough to tour Venezuela, Colombia, and Europe.

Notably, Martinez has also recorded as Principal Tuba on the debut album of SBYSB Mambos y Fanfarrias, under the baton of Thomas Clamor, before his appointment as Principal Tuba on the Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Caracas, conducted by Rodolfo Saglimbeni.

Martinez is also the main tuba/euphonium teacher at the Simon Bolivar Music Conservatory, and a passionate arranger and composer of chamber music for brass.


The TE460 “Solo” Eb is an extremely versatile Tuba! If you want an orchestral light bass Tuba sound, put a small mouthpiece on it and you’ll have it; and if you want a full, deep sound (like a 4/4 CC tuba)? Just put a bigger mouthpiece on, and you can have it with this Tuba.

“You can play almost everything that you want with an Eb tuba, but with the Wessex Solo you can become Truly unstoppable!

“As a soloist’s instrument, you will have the characteristic dark Eb Tuba sound with a little bit of the F’s ‘edgy’ sound that guarantees an amazing, and unique, tone and projection.

The TC590 Wyvern is just what I was looking for in an orchestral Tuba; perfect size, perfect sound, amazing intonation (I love the fact that I never have to move the slides), and I’m really in love with the low notes and pedal tones – I can play it comfortably, and bring a great sound to a powerful orchestra, such as the Simon Bolivar.

The TB576 XL Bb for me is a winning Tuba that deserve more credit, and to be played in the symphony orchestra. I honestly can’t find any other word to describe it than ‘perfect’ because, for me, this IS the perfect Tuba to play; particularly anything russian – if you like to change the tone depending of the repertoire.

“It should be called the “Prokofiev” of “Shostakovich” or “Tchaikovsky” Bb instead of XL!

“The EP100 Dolce Euphonium is an amazingly pleasant instrument. For Euphonium players and doublers like me, it is always important to feel comfortable when switching from Tuba to Euphonium, and this instrument make that really easy! Lovely tone, great intonation, and nothing to envy to others brands!”