Swedish-born Tuba player Jörgen Ådvall’s passion for brass music began when he was just a boy; joining his local Salvation Army Band on the humble Cornet, before making the all-important switch to the Tuba in 1990.

Enrolling in military service with the Royal Swedish Army Band the following year, Ådvall’s has been a professional musician ever since.

Having studied Tuba Performance with Yngve Nordström John Bauer Brass, Urban Stenqvist Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra and Christer Palm Gävle Symphony Orchestra, Ådvall’s joined the Royal Swedish Navy Band in 1994.

As a long-standing member of the Gothenburg Brass Band and now member of Windcorp Brass Band, as well as holding the position of Principal BBb-tuba with the Wallberg Band Switzerland conducted by Gary Cutt from 2014-16, Ådvall’s really loves the adventures of low Tuba playing.


Wessex Instrument : BBb 6/4 Tuba With 5-Valves 'Prokofiev' - TB693H

“When I first got the opportunity to try the Prokofiev I realised that this tuba really is the tuba for me. Massive but flexible sound, good intonation and very fine valves.

“The Prokofiev really makes you sing and that is what I prefer when playing. Equally at home in Wind Band as in Brass Band, this tuba gives foundation, clarity, and joy! I am really proud of playing the Prokofiev and hope many more will discover this very fine BBb-tuba.”