BBb 6/4 Compensated Tuba ‘Leviathan’ - TB681HP & TB691P

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The Leviathan is a ‘game changer’ for British style brass bands! 

The first ever large 6/4 compensated BBb tuba ever made to put a foundation under any band like no BBb Bass ever has before. It’s large bows produces a richer and fuller tone than a regular bass and without the amount of effort from the player normally required on the bottom part - while still having the agility required for fast passages and using the usual fingering of a compensated bass tuba.

In order to make this tuba ergonomic and easy to hold by a normal size player (not giant!), the 4th valve is rotary with a lever by the 1st valve slide for easy reach. The rotary valve also makes this BBb Tuba more free blowing in the lowest register.

Being this is a large BBb tuba, we do recommend the use of a playing stand like Wessex SDT-3 or SDT-30 for comfort when playing over a 2 hour rehearsal or concert.

The Leviathan is made in two version, the TB681HP is entirely hand-hammered from sheet brass which provides best response and a light tuba for its size, while the TB691P while still manufactured by our high-grade craftsmen, is made using moulds to form the bows like most production instruments resulting in a heavier tuba with thicker brass; a stunning tuba for sale. 


  • Key: BBb
  • Bell: 19" (480mm)
  • Bore: 0.767"- 0.775" (19.5 mm - 19.7mm)
  • Height: 37” (94cm)
  • Weight: TB681HP 21lb (9.5kg) - TB691P 27lb (12kg)


  1. All handmade and also hand-hammered for TB681
  2. Stainless steel valves
  3. Blaikley compensated system
  4. Rotary 4th valve with easy reach to operate
  5. Nickel leadpipe and slides
  6. Supplied with robust ABS wheeled case and mouthpiece

NOTE: The correct gig bag for this tuba is the B800

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