Eb Compensated Bass Tuba ‘Overture’ – TE700

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The TE700 Overture is a great playing economy version of our renowned TE560P Champion Eb compensated tuba. 

We have kept the great playing characteristics, while minimised the pricing to make a great playing tuba for students, or those on a tight budget. As such this tuba is only available in lacquered finish with yellow brass bell.

If you want a truly GREAT PLAYING affordable Eb tuba this is the one to order. It is so good that the owner of Wessex Tubas, Jonathan Hodgetts has been playing prototype himself this last couple months.


  • Bell: 19″ (480mm)
  • Bore: valves 1 to 3  0.69″ (17.5mm), 4th valve 0.73” (18.65mm)
  • Height: 34.6″ (880mm)
  • Weight: 17½ lb (8kg), In case 41.45 lbs (18.8kg)

Special Features

  1. Fitted with marching hooks and lyre block
  2. Stainless steel valves with reinforced nylon guide pin for quiet, smooth and reliable action
  3. Wyvern engraved valve buttons
  4. 5 water keys including 4th valve slide
  5. Hard latched case with wheels
  6. MOUNT VERNON Mouthpiece
  7. Marching strap

The Gig bag for this tuba is B700. Ordering an available gig bag together with your instrument will save you shipping costs!

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