Replacement Valve Guides

£24.00 inc VAT

£20.00 exc VAT

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  • Replacement Valve Guides
  • Replacement Valve Guides
  • Replacement Valve Guides

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Wessex Valve guides are in sizes to fit specific instruments. If you require for model not listed, please email

Size VG1

  • EP100
  • EP104
  • EP105
  • EP600
  • TB330
  • TE333
  • TE360

Size VG2

  • HB24
  • HE29
  • TB480
  • TB484
  • TB570
  • TB691
  • TB681
  • TB693
  • TC590
  • TC694
  • TC695
  • TE560
  • TE564

Size VG3

  • BR140

Size VG4

  • SP23

Size VG5

  • BR112

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