With households across the world currently sheltering from the pandemic - spending a lot more time at home - now is the perfect opportunity to learn a new instrument.

Whether you’ve already committed to learning a new instrument or you’re considering your options before making that all-important decision, here we’ll go through the differences between BBb Tuba vs CC Tuba; providing you with all the information you need to confidently make the switch between the two.

BBb Tuba vs CC Tuba

Comparisons between BBb Tuba vs CC Tuba have dominated music forums for years; what’s the difference in the fingering? which sounds better? and which is more suited to professional Tuba players? being just some of the questions typically asked.

But what, in reality, are the differences between the two and which one is best suited to your needs?

Preferences between BBb Tubas and CC Tubas

CC Tubas are the Tubas of choice across the US for professionals and are often considered “all rounders”, but that doesn’t mean that BBb Tubas don’t still have a prominent place on the American music scene.

BBb Tubas are, for obvious reasons, more suited to playing in keys with lots of flats in the key signature as is often the case in band music, and if you play CC, you’ll still need to maintain proficiency in BBb fingers if you want to play in marching bands; simply because the sound of the BBb Tuba is widely considered to be a more appropriate fit with other marching instruments.

BBb Tuba vs CC Tuba fingering

BBb Tubas are capable of a greater depth and gravity of sound than CC Tubas, largely due to the fact that the tubing in BBb Tubas is approximately 3 feet longer than their CC counterparts, making them a whole step lower.

Having said this, the tuning tendencies of BBb and CC Tubas are largely similar and the fingering patterns are almost the same, you just have to start in a different place!

Because of this, with a lot of practice, the fingering of BBb to CC (or CC to BBb!) can be mastered in around 2 months; making this time during shelter an ideal time to pick up a BBb Tuba or CC Tuba and start learning to become proficient.

Using this time to learn a new instrument and/or make the switch between BBb and CC Tubas not only enables you to learn a new skill and make advances in your career when all of this is over, but will help you keep your creativity flowing and your mind active. A positive focus to get you through this challenging time.

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