Recently, you may have seen us at the hugely successful and well-attended NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show in California.

Attended by over 100,000 musicians, travelling from 120 countries throughout the world to be there, we were honoured to be exhibiting; given the opportunity to showcase some of our existing best sellers, and previewing our newest products, hot off the factory floor!

Our newest products

One of these products is our brand new Travel Euphonium, ‘Maly’.

Hungarian Military, 1916

Tornister Euphonium played in the Hungarian military, 1916

Tornister Euphonium played in the Hungarian military, 1916 Inspired by Tornister Euphoniums used by the Austro-Hungarian army almost 100 years ago, the ‘Maly’ is the first of it’s kind made since the First World War; capturing the allure of the past, whilst using modern knowledge and technology to improve both slide and layout for better projection & intonation.

We’re really excited about launching this new Euphonium and hope you get as much enjoyment out of playing it as we have designing it.

A big hit at NAMM

Here at Wessex Tubas, we take great care in the entire process surrounding the research & development, design, and manufacturing of each and every instrument we produce so it’s always a wonderful moment when we’re able to launch a new product into the big brass instrument world.

NAMM gave us the ideal opportunity to do this with great success; allowing people to experience, first hand, just how beautiful it really is - not only to look at, but in the sheer quality of the sound it creates.

We’re so pleased to share with you that attendees of the show absolutely loved the ‘Maly’, with one patron publicly proclaiming it is:

“The new travel euphonium you didn't know you needed... approximately 300 percent better than I would assume is possible."

Such a wonderful review, and something we hope everyone who experiences the travel Euphonium will think.

For more information and to purchase our new Travel Euphonium ‘Maly’ click here.

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