Artist-Ambassador of Wessex Tubas, "Instrumentalist-Teacher of Tuba and Ensemble Practice" by the National School of Arts of Havana, (Cuba), " Senior Tuba Professor " by the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid (Spain) and Doctor in Philosophy (Artistic and Cultural Heritage) by the Universities of Córdoba, Jaen, Huelva and Extremadura. He is also Master in Artistic Heritage Management and Lyric Singer (Baritone).

He has made his professional career in Cuba, Spain, Colombia, Principality of Monaco and Italy where he has made solo recordings and as part of groups for Radio, T.V. and various record labels.

He has given Master Classes and Conferences in Spain, Colombia, Italy, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama and Cuba, among other countries.

He is a member of ITEA (International Tubist Euphonium Association), UNEAC (Cuba) and AETYB (Spanish Association of Tubas and Euphoniums).

He has written articles on the tuba and other subjects related to teaching in specialised and musicological magazines in Spain, Cuba and the USA, such as: Hoquet Magazine, e-Co Magazine, AETYB Web, CIDMUC, MusicoGuía Magazine, Educational Research and Innovation Network (REDINE) and ITEA Journal, among others.

He is the author of the first book on the Tuba in Spanish (Tubas y yo vengo, 1st ed. Miami: ed. Voces de Hoy, 2021). 

He is also the creator of the multilingual didactic and research blog "inBBflat", which is a means of consultation for numerous centers and interpreters both in Spain and other parts of the world. 

He has participated as a lecturer, director, chronicler and/or juror in the AETYB International Festivals and invited to the ITEC events in the editions of 1997, 1999, 2012, 2014 and 2019.

He has been and is Professor of Tuba, Orchestral Repertoire and Chamber Music in several Andalusian Conservatories. 

He is currently collaborating professor of the Master in Instruments Pedagogy of the Alfonso X University of Madrid, tuba player of the OCC of Cordoba and columnist for the newspaper "El Día de Córdoba".

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“From the excellent range of Wessex instruments, I have had the opportunity to test the following instruments:

“All, I find wonderful instruments at very reasonable prices; both sound quality and manufacturing are very successful.

“As I usually play in Bb, I have the excellent Travel Tuba “Mighty Midget” for my trips, classes, essays and some performances. Despite its small size, it has a wide and round sound that astonishes listeners.

“Hopefully soon I will have in my possession other Wessex instruments, to support me in developing my professional career as an interpreter and teacher.”