As well as designing and manufacturing some of the most popular and sought after brass instrument models required by professional musicians, students, and enthusiasts the world over, here at Wessex Tubas, we also specialise in creating our own unique brass instruments - Wessex own exclusive designs, as well as redesigns of historic and long lost classic brass instruments.

Especially for this blog post, we’ve selected some of our favourite and most popular unique brass instruments.

Unique brass instruments

CC 5/4 Piston Tuba ‘Wyvern’ TC590P

Designed by Wessex Tubas’ President Jonathan Hodgetts and launched in 2015, the CC 5/4 Piston Tuba ‘Wyvern’ TC590P is a Wessex original design, and one of our most popular instruments to-date.

Recently updated and modified for improved sound & quality, the ‘Wyvern’ is now individually handmade by some of the most talented brass instrument craftsmen and craftswomen working at our factory in China.

British F Tuba - TF458HP

The type of tuba for which the Vaughan-Williams tuba concerto and all British orchestral music up until 1970’s was written, Wessex Tubas resurrected this iconic design last year; combining all the beautiful characteristics of the original, with lightweight construction from sheet brass for an even better response.

Travel (Tornister) Euphonium ‘Maly’ ER154

Inspired by the Tornister Euphonium (Baritone) played by the Austro-Hungarian army over 100 years ago, the Travel Euphonium ‘Maly’ is the first of its kind created since the First World War; with improved slide layout for better projection and intonation.

BBb Travel Tuba (Tornister Tuba) ‘Mighty Midget’ TB160

The ‘Mighty Midget’ BBb travel tuba is styled on the tornister tuba (meaning ‘backpack tuba’) as used by the Austo-Hungarian military bands in the late 19th century/early 20th century - however the 'Mighty Midget' is improved with 4 valves which were not fitted in the original tornisters.

BBb 6/4 Tuba With 5-Valves 'Prokofiev' TB693HP

A Wessex original 6/4 BBb designed by Chuck Nickles, the TB693HP is entirely handcrafted with sheet metal for a highly responsive and totally flexible tuba, which is exceptionally lightweight for its huge size.

Eb Front Piston Tuba ‘Gnagey’ TE465P

Developed in collaboration with instrument builder Sam Gnagey, the TE465P combines the best of American and British tuba design to make a superb, free blowing bass tuba with an easy high register and probably the best low response possible on an Eb tuba.

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